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oldest working stegehand in america
" Oldest working stagehand in America"      24"x32"      oil on panel

handsome carpenter
"Lost Carpentry"  32" x 48" oil on panel  2012

sultry nude painting
"Paynes Gray" 32"x48" oil on panel 2012

clasic sailboat racing
"Racing"  24'x 36" oil on panel 2013

kathrin knoll ella
"Kathrin and Ella"   72"x72"  acrylic  on canvas  2006

"Mirror Memory"  44"x 44"    acrylic on canvas  2010

hand skirt

"Sense of Touch"   32"x48"   oil on panel   2012 

girl uniform
"Uniforms are Glamorous"  32"x48"  oil on panel   2013