Solider Smoking

man smoking
"Pier Smoking"    32" x 48"    oil on panel
I met a guy in Berlin, Pier...Pier was a great guy. German with a French name... Pier for some reason reminded me of my father, strange because pier was 15 years younger than I. I hope I'm not describing some classic Freudian thing and don't know it..... Anyway,Pier smoked in the same way my father did or maybe a lot of people smoke this way... My father, a U.S. Army sergeant, career military man smoked camels every day of his life. I grew up around military personnel. When I saw Pier smoke I had this image 'Soldier Smoking'. When soldiers smoke they hold their body position inward, the action is tense and pensive . My father would take the final drag on the Camel in this way directly before an uncomfortably task. Soldiers live life under command, following orders, completing the mission. Their are a lot of words for it, pressure. In the life of a solider and many people,,,an uncomfortable task may be so distasteful, so unconscionably wrong that to do it,to summon the will, to maintain a balance between body action and the psyche, one must fill the body with poison... The military is full of honorable men in a dishonorable business. The world is full of honorable men forced to live in a world of petty greed and corruption. Lucky for us their is no shortage of poison to help us swallow it down. Keep us in balance. Mark Preuss